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Our Books:

One Moore Book publishes culturally sensitive and educational stories for children of countries with low literacy rates and underrepresented cultures. We provide literature for children whose narratives are largely missing from the children’s book publishing industry. The books also serve as a key to unknown people and places for all children who do not have access to cultures outside of their own.

One Moore Book is a proud member of the Children’s Book Council, a nonprofit trade association of North American children’s book publishers dedicated to supporting and informing the industry. 

Elementary-aged children who are not represented in children’s literature are really fighting for dual competency when they open up a book. The first struggle is of course to gain understanding of the letters, sounds and grammar of the English language. The second effort is the conceptualization of a culture and physical characteristics that are foreign to them–from the color and texture of the main character’s hair to the shapes of their faces and their names. When something is printed it is seen as a definitive authority, so many of the young readers are internalizing what they see in these books as universal definitions and ideals of culture and beauty.

We believe that for underrepresented introductory readers, what will help their process is if they are provided literature with food, places, people and narratives they recognize.  Our goal is to make art and literature accessible to children who are rarely represented in the children’s book publishing industry, by creating books that they can relate to and learn from.

Our Philosophy

Where to Buy:

One Moore Bookstore:

As part of our ongoing commitment to encourage a love for literature among the world's most underrepresented groups, we opened a bookstore! The first One Moore Bookstore site is based in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. The store was opened in May 2015, and distributes literature from popular and celebrated African and international authors, as well as new and unknown authors whose narratives serve the needs of the underrepresented Liberian reader.


One Moore Bookstore has reading tables, where community members are welcomed to spend time exploring our selection. The store employs local Liberians, men and women who are residents of the community we serve.

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